Skimming theft - Credit card skimming is one of the most dangerous and rampant forms of credit card fraud today. Identity thieves have hand-held magnetic card readers that can be purchased online or improvised to glean personal information off the magnetic strip on credit and debit cards. Data s transferred to other magnetic strips to make counterfeit credit cards. The thieves have been waiters, gas station attendants, and store clerks. Even private automatic teller machines can be rigged to skim account numbers and PIN’s.

To protect your credit/debit cards:

Keep an eye on the ATM or credit card. Avoid letting waiters, sales clerks, or gas station attendants disappear from view with your credit/debit card to avoid “skimming.” A hand-held electronic device can be used to copy data. Consider using cash.

Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when using your card. In this day of electronic gadgets, a cellular phone with photo capabilities can take a picture of your card to make a duplicate.