wagoner county sheriff
307 E. Cherokee St., Wagoner, OK 74467

Phone: 918-485-3124

For Emergencies Dial 911

Wagoner County Most Wanted

The information contained herein is not represented to be current information for any legal purpose. The wanted people and delinquent offenders listed may not be accurate due to the instant ability to satisfy their delinquent accounts and the ability to update this list only on a routine basis. This list may not be current. The case amount is approximate and can vary based on fees, payments, and penalties. No action should be taken solely on the existence of the following record. Any information regarding a person on this list should be related to the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office 918-485-3124 or your local law enforcement office. Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals!

Do you have information about a crime or a wanted individual in Wagoner County?

Give us a call (918) 485-7799 or send an anonymous tip to our investigators.

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