On 1/31/24 at 1014 hours, Wagoner County Deputies A. Hull and Deputy J. Busch responded to the 73600 Block of South 323 Avenue in reference to an overdose.  Deputies arrived on scene within 4 minutes of being dispatched to the call.

Upon arrival, Deputies located a 55-year-old female laying on her back on the couch of a RV on the property, the female was unresponsive to deputies. Deputies quickly assessed the scene and administered Narcan to the female victim.  

At approximately 1020 hours, the first dose of Narcan was administered by deputies. At 1029 hours, the fourth dose of Narcan was administered and the female became responsive, was alert, and talking to deputies. The female victim received further medical treatment by the Cherokee Nation EMS service upon their arrival.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott and every member of the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office would like to commend Deputy Hall and Deputy Busch for performing the life saving measures that prevented another overdose death in our community.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance abuse issue or a mental health issue, here is some information to help you find someone that you can talk to about your options for assistance.  

988 - You can call 988. You'll be connected to a mental health professional to talk to you through what's going on and get the resources you need for either yourself or your loved one.

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services - https://oklahoma.gov/odmhsas.html       405-248-9200

CREOKS Mental Health Services - https://www.creoks.org/   1-877-327-3657

COPES – COPES Mental Health Services - 918.744. 4800

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office – 918-485-3124   You can always call the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office and request to speak with a deputy about any issues you may have.  If you have an emergency call 911