Foot Pursuit of suspect

On 11-21-2023 Wagoner County Deputies were conducting a directed patrol in the Rocky Point area when Deputy W. Farmer observed a male walking in the middle of the road on 310 road.  When the male subject noticed the deputy, he placed his hood over his head in an attempt to obstruct his face.

Deputy Farmer stopped and spoke with the male subject identified as Timothy Robart.  Deputy J. Hutton arrived a short time later to assist Deputy Farmer.  It was confirmed through Wagoner County Dispatch that the subject had outstanding warrants.   

Upon learning he had warrants, the subject fled into the woods.  Deputies pursued him and lost him a short time later in a wooded area.  Additional deputies proceeded to the area in an attempt to take the subject into custody for his warrant. 

After searching the area, Deputies J. Busch and J. Cox located the suspect crossing East 690 road running south towards the tree line.

Deputy Cox pursued the suspect into the wood line and took him into custody a short time later without incident.  Upon Deputy Busch conducting a search of the suspect, two small bags were located on Timothy's person that contained a white powdery substance and some loose green leafy substance. The bags were later tested with a field test kit and showed a positive result for traces of Methamphetamine.  He was transported to the Wagoner County Detention Center and booked into same.