Deputies arrest stalking suspect

On 10-01-2023 at 1730 hours, Wagoner County Deputy W. Sieg was dispatched to 26100 Block of East 86th Street South in Broken Arrow in reference to a suspicious subject.  It was reported by the homeowner that they had left their residence and a short time later the Ring doorbell notified them that someone was at their front door.  The homeowner looked at the camera and observed an unidentified white male snooping around the front porch.   

The homeowner commented about the "weird looking man" to their juvenile child and showed them the picture.  The juvenile then stated that the man looked like a guy who had been following the juvenile on social media accounts.  It was discovered that the juvenile would block the male subject on social media and the male subject would create new profiles to contact the juvenile again.  Due to the circumstances, the homeowner called the Sheriff's Office to report the information. 

On 10-06-2023 Wagoner County 911 Dispatch received a phone call from the homeowner advising that the male subject was at their residence in the yard.  Wagoner County Deputies W. Farmer and Investigator B. Noble proceeded to the residence in attempt to make contact with the male subject.  A short time later Deputy Farmer arrived on scene, located the male subject, and took him in custody.  The male subject was identified as Daren Chase of Broken Arrow, OK. 

Daren Chase was arrested by Wagoner County Deputies for Stalking and Lewd Proposals to a Minor Under 16.  He was charged after having repeated, non-consensual interactions with a juvenile, including making lewd proposals to the juvenile over social media and seeking the juvenile out at their personal residence. These interactions caused the juvenile, as well as other family members, to feel frightened, threatened, and intimidated. 

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott stated “It is important that parents regularly go through their children’s phones looking for sexually explicit material and signs that younger teens and pre-teens may be being targeted or groomed by older individuals looking to take advantage of them.  Also make sure to discuss the danger associated with using social media improperly with your children.”