On 09-20-2023 Wagoner County Deputies were dispatched to 22300 Block of East 730 Road in the Wagoner area to check on the well-being of anyone that may be in the residence. Wagoner County 911 Dispatch advised deputies that the Wagoner Police Department had arrested Samuel Arnold after he had wrecked his vehicle into a business inside the City Limits of Wagoner and had left the scene of the accident.

Upon arrival at the residence, deputies attempted to make contact with someone inside the residence. As they checked the back side of the house, deputies observed that the back door of the residence was open. The Deputies cleared the residence and discovered the residence to be empty of occupants.
As the deputies were clearing the residence, a large number of narcotics were discovered throughout the residence. Deputies secured the residence and obtained a search warrant for the narcotics in the residence. Upon executing the search warrant, deputies and investigators discovered and seized a large amount of narcotics.

Deputies seized a clear baggy with white crystal-like substance, clear baggy with white powdered substance, clear baggy containing Mushrooms, glass pipes, large plastic totes full of a green leafy substance, scales used for measuring exact weights, a large amount of case, and other types of paraphernalia (Needles).

Samuel Arnold was charged with the following charges from the Wagoner Police Department and Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office; Indecent exposure, Outraging Public Decency, Malicious injury or destruction of property, Obstructing Officer, Public Intoxication, Unsafe Lane Use, Abandonment of Motor Vehicle, Possession of Paraphernalia, Distribution of Controlled Substance, Possession with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of CDS without a Tax Stamp. He is currently being held in the Wagoner County Detention Center.