Wagoner County Investigators / District 27 drug task arrest 11 for illegal Dispensary sales

Wagoner County Investigators and District 27 drug and violent crimes task force had received information that dispensaries were operating illegally in Wagoner County.  With this information, Investigators began conducting an ongoing undercover operation throughout Wagoner County on the Dispensary's for illegal sells or 3rd party sales.

On 06/07/2024, Wagoner County Investigators, and District #27 drug and violent crimes task force, Wagoner County Deputies, Wagoner Police Officers conducted compliance checks on the suspected Dispensary's.  Every dispensary that Investigators visited, illegally sold to undercover State Agents that did not possess an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Card.  

Investigators and Agents arrested a total of total of 11 people.  All individuals were charged with Distributing Controlled Dangerous Substance with a bond set at $25,000 Dollars.  7 individuals were arrested in the City of Wagoner and 4 people were arrested in the Broken Arrow area.  Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott would like to thank the District #27 drug and violent crimes task force and Wagoner Police Department for their assistance. 

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott stated “I understand that many of my constituents in Wagoner County legally possess an OMMA card and consume the products associated with the license.  The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office will never infringe on those rights that you have been granted by the State of Oklahoma or the United States Constitution.  We will however aggressively pursue any business in Wagoner County that operates in any illegal manner.”