Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott is pleased to announce the arrival of Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office newest Canine to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit. Wagoner County K-9 Deputies M. Baldwin and J. Busch traveled to and picked our new canine upon its arrival to the United States at the George Busch International Airport (IAH) in Houston, TX via Europe this past Friday. This was the culmination of an extensive selection process in determining the best canine candidate that met the high standards set forth by the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office newest canine is named Sledge. Sledge is an untrained 13- month-old, male (intact) Belgian Malinois. Sledge traveled all the way from Eastern Europe and will be trained as a Dual-Purpose Police Working Canine (Narcotic Detection/Utility). Deputy Busch and K-9 Sledge are entered into a two-week bonding period, absent any formal training, to get Sledge acclimated to the United States and his new surroundings.

Starting April 1st, 2024, Deputy Busch and K-9 Sledge will be involved with a rigorous 12-week CLEET accredited WCSO K-9 Training Program under the direction/supervision of our Canine Trainer/Supervisor, Deputy Marque E. Baldwin.

Sheriff Elliott and every member of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office is excited about Sledge joining our team. We are looking forward to the many benefits that Deputy Busch/K9 Sledge will bring to enhance our services to the Wagoner County Community.