On June 19th, 2023, at approximately 1149 hours, Lieutenant Jake Carey with the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, was traveling on Hwy 51 in Coweta when he noticed a Coweta Police Department vehicle driving with its emergency equipment activated. Lt. Carey was able to determine that this officer was enroute to a violent domestic call, so he pulled in behind him and followed to assist.

Once they arrived, Lt. Carey was informed by Officer Nick Winters that the male suspect in the house was actively strangling the female victim. After multiple attempts by the Coweta Police Department to contact anyone inside, Sergeant Scott Fraley was able to hear a female screaming for help from inside the residence. The decision was made to enter the residence and they were successful by forcing entry into the house.

Upon entering the home, they heard the female screaming for help multiple times. Sgt Fraley was able to communicate with the female enough to get her location in the residence. Upon making contact with the female, they noticed a male individual physically assaulting the female victim as she was screaming for help. They immediately started giving the suspect commands, which he continued to ignore.

Fearing for her life, Lt. Carey moved past Sgt Fraley to prevent the suspect from continuing to assault the victim. Sgt. Fraley deployed his taser as Lt. Carey grabbed the male suspect in an attempt to prevent the continued assault. As Lt. Carey grabbed the suspect around his body to pull him away from the victim, he was hit with taser probes from Sgt Fraley’s taser. A short time later the suspect was taken into custody without further incident and transported to a local Tulsa area hospital for a mental health evaluation.

As a result of these actions Lt. Jake Carey was awarded the Jack Cover Medal of Heroism from Axon.  The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office would like to congratulate Lt. Carey and the Coweta Police Officers for their heroic actions.  Lt. Carey was presented with this medal at the Wagoner County Commissioner’s meeting on 01-29-2024.