On 01-23-2024 Wagoner County Deputy J. Calico was dispatched to meet with Muskogee County Investigator Walton #5116 to attempt to recovery of a possible stolen Razor side-by-side in the Porter area.
Upon arrival the deputies met with the owner of the property.
Deputies observed the suspected stolen Razor parked in the driveway of the residence in plain view. Upon receiving consent to search the property, deputies discovered multiple stolen items such as lawn mowers, tools, weed eaters, and trailers.
At approximately 1800 hours, the suspect identified as Wyatt Fulk arrived at the residence and was taken into custody by Wagoner County Deputies without incident. Wyatt Fulk was charged with Possessing or Concealing stolen property. He was transported to the Wagoner County Detention Center and booked into same.
On 01-24-2024 Wagoner County Investigators Lt. D. Elliott and Deputy J. Calico executed a search warrant at the suspects address in the Porter area. Multiple items were identified and confirmed stolen, including the Recreational Vehicle that Wyatt Fulk was living in. Additionally, a large enclosed electrical contractor’s trailer containing thousands of dollars’ worth of materials was recovered.
Wagoner County Investigators worked hard to contact the Victims of all identified stolen items so they could retrieve their property. Investigators stayed on scene until the property was recovered by the victims that they were able to identify. Investigators estimated that Wyatt Fulk was in possession of excess of $100k worth of stolen property.
The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office would like to thank Muskogee County Sheriff Andy Simmons and his Deputies for their assistance with this case. Both agencies will continue to work together to prevent criminals from victimizing the hard-working citizens in both counties.